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St Louis trip – The medical part


I debated about how I wanted to post about our St Louis trip. I was going to post in order of events but I changed my mind. Tuesday was our fun day & Wednesday was our hospital day. We drove up on Tuesday and stayed over night, then drove home on Wednesday night after the testing. I’m posting the days backwards because I want to tell you about the CT scan and the talk with my doctor first. The “fun day” post will be full of pictures and stories. This one is full of medical lingo and.. well, hospital and testing stuff.

I was asked to fast the day of the test so no food or liquids from midnight until after the CT scan. Since we stayed at a hotel with free breakfast, I packed 3 waffles, a Danish, and bacon in a bag and carried it with me to the hospital. ­čÖé (They asked me to bring a “snack”.. I swear I’m not pregnant.) We stayed .8 mile from the hospital so we just walked and left the car in the hotel parking lot. It was a gorgeous 80 degree day and we really wanted to be out in the sunshine a little bit.

This was my schedule for the day:

CT scan with angiogram and urogram

Testing – urine

Photo & meeting with my kidney coordinator (Hey Jennifer!)

Social worker consult

Physician consult

I was really anxious for the CT scan. I didn’t know what to expect and I was really nervous that I’d get bad news. I just had a feeling that something would be “off” and I couldn’t shake that feeling. As it turns out, I was right. I have a celiac artery stenosis. Basically, my celiac artery is being restricted by my abdominal cavity and there’s not as much blood flow as there should be. ┬áMy Dr wasn’t sure what to do with that diagnosis so she called the artery specialist and asked for his opinion. He said that as long as I’m not showing symptoms (I’m not) and as long as I’m not in pain (I’m not)… We can continue testing! Everything else from the CT scan looked perfect. I have 1 more urine test and 1 more blood test before our case can be sent to the transplant board.

The rest of the day was mostly meetings and waiting. Nothing too exciting happened. We did find out that we have four more trips to St Louis in the next couple of months. Trips for the FINAL cross match of our blood types and meeting with surgeons. Then, the transplant trip.

This is happening, y’all. (Assuming the transplant board gives us the green light)

And just a reminder…If you want to help me with travel expenses to St Louis it’s very much appreciated. Jami is not allowed to give me any money since it’s illegal to buy an organ. So, Thank you in advance. Please help me travel to St Louis so I can save my friend’s life. All money will be used for travel expenses related to the transplant. ┬áHere’s the link: http://www.gofundme.com/hk7lo

I’m going to work on the post about our fun day in St Louis on Tuesday. I’ll try to get that up this weekend. It will be full of sunshine, laughs, pizza, and a really big arch. Have a great weekend.