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My reaction


I found out that Jami and I were a match 1 hour before she got off of work and 3 hours before my husband got home.

ONE HOUR before I could tell anyone. So, here are the thoughts that went through my mind.


Holy Shit.

I’m going to give someone one my organ.

Holy Shit.

I might save her life.

For real.

My hands are shaking.

Jami, can I send you telepathic messages? Calllllllll meeeeeeeeee.

I need a cookie.

Are my hands shaking or is my phone?

Duh. My hands.

Should I do something? Like, walk somewhere. Or eat something. Or drive.

Yeah. I’m going to drive. To a store.

I can’t think of one single store I normally go to.

I’ll drive to the mall. Yeah. Smart.

Why is that lady looking at me? DOES SHE KNOW?

No. She’s probably looking at me because I look crazy with these shaking hands.

Just walk and act normal. Easy.


Holy shit.

I’m kind of excited.

I’m kind of scared.

I wish I had a cookie.