Testing. Round 2.


Today Jami met me at the local hospital to have an EKG (heart), blood work, pregnancy test, urine sample and an x-ray taken. Last time I had testing at this hospital the registration lady took forever so I wanted to get there a little early this time. I arrived around 8:35 and I went ahead and got (mostly) checked in before Jami met me at 9.

I tried to make an excited face. But I was hungry. Because I was on a fasting diet. So, this is the most excitement I could muster up for you.

Our first stop was the blood lab. I had NINE more vials taken today. (In addition to the TWELVE last time) Jami thinks they are trying to bleed me dry. And I agree.

Virgina was the lady who took my blood this time, as well as last time I had testing, so she was familiar with my story. And how I take pictures during blood draws. This time she got to meet Jami. We actually were laughing the entire time… mostly at Virginia because she was dancing.

After the blood work (and pregnancy test and urine test) we were off to the EKG.

In a wheelchair. The EKG was just around the corner but I was still taken in a wheelchair. The actual EKG was really quick. I laid down on a table and had about 12 electrodes stuck to random areas… chest, feet, arms, over the heart. I took a deep breath and laid still for about 30 seconds. And then we were done. From there, I went and had a chest x-ray which was equally as quick. I had to change into a hospital gown and stand in front of a board. The x-ray tech took a picture and then told me I could change back into my regular clothes.

The testing today was fairly quick and painless. The longest parts were waiting to get into the tests. From there it went really quick. I think we were at the hospital for a total of 2 hours.

Of course we had to stop and have lunch before Jami had to go see her doctor.(She’s having some blood work and a check up today, too) So, we stopped at a local restaurant and ate our weight in carbs and cheese.

We sat in the sunshine and ate and laughed. It was fun. The most delicious part of our day, for sure. 🙂

Jami and I are talking about getting matching tattoos together after the transplant… But we need your ideas. Any artists out there want to brainstorm designs with us? All input is welcome! Please leave a comment if you have a great idea.

I should know the results from all of this testing on Monday. So check back early next week for another update. Thank you so much for all of the support. It means so much more than you know.


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  1. How about half of a butterfly on your foot then you put your feet next to each other to make 1 full butterfly

  2. Me and a very close friend both donated kidneys to our parents. We were thinking of getting matching “kidney” tattoos. On our back, about the place and size of our actual kidneys. We joked that we could still say we have 2 kidneys that way. I thought about making mine fairly accurate to an actual kidney but somehow working the word “life” in/ kind of in the veins or lines somehow.

    I am just reading your blog for the first time today so don’t know your story well yet. I will keep reading. congrats on your decision to donate!

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